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AQUAVIZ benefits compared to ‘regular’ prescription swimming goggles...

The result of years of extensive research and development AQUAVIZ delivers the ultimate in aquatic vision corrective technology (AVCT) complemented by contemporary styling.

A comfortable, watertight fit is achieved via a dive-quality hypoallergenic skirt that securely adapts to a wide range of face shapes and as they stay on the face by gasket suction and stay firmly in place less adjustment is necessary.

AQUAVIZ masks sit ‘around’ the eyes so they are much more comfortable.

Total comfort and leak-proof performance is assured as pressure is distributed evenly over cheekbones and forehead as opposed to the sensitive eye socket areas where prolonged wear can result in headaches and ‘goggle eyes’ (this is also an important safety feature as any form of facial impact when wearing twin cupped goggles can be a very unpleasant and painful experience).

The AQUAVIZ twin lens, single gasket design (with no uncomfortable bridge band) combines the superior comfort and improved visual field of diving masks with the hydrodynamic benefits of aquatic goggle technology.

AQUAVIZ benefits compared to ‘regular’ prescription swimming goggles AND other prescription snorkelling mask solutions...

Wide curved polycarbonate lenses provide a superior field of view and excellent peripheral vision. With a scratch resistant coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside the twin lenses are also guaranteed to block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays.

The AQUAVIZ unique snap-in insert containing your prescription lenses can be interchanged between swimming / watersports and snorkelling versions (we even have ski masks and will later have sunglass products).

The snap-in insert that holds your prescription lenses within AQUAVIZ products has been specifically designed to sit the same distance away from your eyes as most regular eyeglasses. As a result your prescription does not have to be adjusted (as it does in many other products where the lenses either sit closer or further from the eyes).

Available in almost any prescription (even bifocals and varifocals) with two types of lenses which are just the same prescription as in your regular spectacles / eyeglasses;

Clear lenses to provide the greatest visibility while swimming indoors or in low-light conditions.

Grey Polarized lenses, which are ideal for use outdoors in bright sunlight and also improve contrast.

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